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How to Calculate Interest for a Loan

contract-signature-close-upPlanning to purchase something that requires a loan requires a lot of research. There are multiple loans and lenders that offer various options for repayment plans and interest rates. Since these purchases can be expensive enough on their own, it’s important to be able to calculate the cost of loans before and after you’re making the decision to borrow money. Having a clear understanding of how much you will owe over time will help you feel confident in your financial decisions and save you from scrambling in the long run.


To determine how much a loan will cost you, document all the information including the lender, how much money the loan is for, the interest rate, the length of time you’re given to pay it back and any other information that may come in handy. The more knowledge you have pertaining to your loan, the better off you’ll be. Keeping spreadsheets will be helpful, whether you’re trying to choose between various loan options or you just need to keep up with a monthly budgeting system.

If you’re interested in calculating your own interest for a loan, you can download our spreadsheet here. Using this tool is an easy way to help you keep track of the cost of your loan over time.

Playing with the numbers, like reducing the repayment term, can show you how much you’ll need to pay per bill in order to pay your loan off sooner, as well as how much interest you’ll be able to save as a result. These spreadsheets remain valuable once you have picked a lender and need to consider different variables.

Online Calculators

If you choose not to have a detailed document regarding your loan and repayment methods, you can use one of our online calculators to learn how to calculate interest. It’s a quick way to see what your minimum requirements will be over the span of the repayment period. That said, it’s still recommended that you document your results so you can revisit the options later on and start your detailed spreadsheet once you’ve made a decision.

Calculating your loan interest is a good way to prepare yourself for how much you will be repaying over time. The loan options with the lowest marked interest rate might not always be the best decision, so it’s important to understand loan logistics in order to pick the plan that suits you best.

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