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Is It Better to Buy a House or Save for Retirement?

For most of us, buying a house is the biggest purchase we’ll ever make. It’s also probably the scariest. Taking out thousands of dollars for a mortgage loan can leave anyone a bit jittery. But is it worth it? Does buying a house mean you won’t be able to retire early? Or is buying a […]

New Year, Old Debt: How to Set Goals You Can Actually Meet This Year

Fact: 60% of the time, the holidays hurt your checkbook every time. Are you starting to feel the sting of last year’s debts? Like new gym memberships, New Year’s resolutions may start strong, but they often end up stuffed behind your sock drawer. The holidays are a time when budgets, moderation and diet plans tend […]

Finance Fridays: How to Start Saving for Retirement

As part of an ongoing Friday series, we talked to financial experts around the web about saving money, smart spending, and retirement planning. How much do you currently have saved for retirement? If your answer is “not much,” you’re not alone. As a growing number of people are simply living paycheck to paycheck, the whole […]

Just Turned 30? How Much Should You Have Saved?

Recently turned 30? Congratulations! You’re officially all grown up. So how much money do you have saved? According to a survey conducted by DailyFinance, the average 30-something has around $12,000 in savings. While most people would like to have a decent amount saved by the time they’re 30, many—if not most—30-year-olds are still struggling to […]

Debt Management Plan – Solution to Resolve Your Debt Problems

The best option, when you are in a tight financial condition and want to get rid of unsecured debt, is a debt management plan. Reputable financial institutions in the United States offer debt management services by studying the overall financial situations of the debtors. If you find yourself knee-deep in debt problems, various agencies offer […]