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Life After Debt: First-Hand Accounts of How People Got Out of Debt

Believe it or not, getting out of debt IS possible! What does the average college student, the average homeowner and the average retiree all have in common? They’re all in heaps and heaps of debt. At a time when the national consumer debt is at an all-time high (it’s currently somewhere around $11.5 trillion), more […]

Coming to Terms With Your Dead-End Debt

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? It’s an existence that can make even the softest people hard. Maybe you’re content with simply trudging by each month, but I doubt it. Over 48 percent of Americans today owe more than they earn, and with a collective consumer debt of over $11 trillion, the number […]

5 Articles to Help You Eliminate Debt

1. How to Break Bad Financial Habits “One way to stay on track is by setting periodic goals or a series of milestones that help you stick to and develop strong new habits. You might consider setting milestones for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more. These mini-goals can help with planning longer-term goals […]

6 Signs That You’re Living Beyond Your Means

Are you having trouble keeping up with all those overdue bills? Perhaps you’re using one credit card to pay off another. Whatever the case may be, living beyond your means is not only stressful, it’s exhausting. Because you may be living a lifestyle that exceeds your budget and not even realize it, take a quick […]

4 Famous Athletes Who Made (and Lost) a Fortune

If you’re like the rest of us, then it’s hard for you to read or watch stories about professional athletes’ colossal paychecks without feeling a least a tad jealous. But just because someone makes a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good with it. Take, for instance, these four athletes who were better at […]

How 10 Year-Olds Make More Money than College Students

College students have it hard these days. Students not only have to contend with the rising cost of a college education but also with heavy interest rates on student loans. Because they’re younger they have to pay more for certain insurance premiums, and because they’re enrolled in school they have less time to work and […]

What Three Infographics Can Teach Us About Debt

1. Dig Yourself Out of Debt Looking for ways to get out of credit card debt? This infographic shows you 5 ways to help put an end to your credit woes. Start by figuring out which cards have the highest interest rates and make it a priority to pay these off first. Also look into […]

Everything Newlyweds Need to Know About Debt

Marriage can be a life-defining event. It’s a major undertaking, and plenty of things can get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, many newlyweds experience financial struggles which, if not addressed early on, can worsen. In fact, tension over credit card debt and other financial obligations is the single biggest cause of divorce in the U.S. […]

Why Credit Scores May Differ Between Generations

Recent studies show that credit scores differ wildly not just among different income brackets or education levels, but from generation to generation as well. The information gleaned from these surveys has shone a new light on the subject of maintaining good credit, and it has encouraged financial experts to take a closer look at the […]