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QUIZ: Is your credit card debt out of control?

Most American families owe more than $15,000 in credit card debt. With price tags like that, it is understandable that some families or individuals might not realize their credit card debt is spiraling out of control. Here is a quiz to help you discover if you have a handle on your credit card debt or […]

The $50 a Week Grocery Challenge

Groceries are expensive, especially for families. You can go into a store at the beginning of the week, spend $200 and only have enough food until Wednesday. It’s challenging to feed your entire family on a budget, but for most Americans, that’s exactly what’s necessary. With more than 43 percent of Americans currently owing more […]

Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing

While your love might not cost a thing, Valentine’s Day presents sure do. After all, more people get engaged on February 14 than any other. Whether you are buying a special something for a special someone or you are giving the gift of love to your favorite people, the presents on your Valentine’s Day list […]

The Psychological Effects of Debt

There is no doubt that money has an effect on every aspect of our lives, and for most of us, debt is a common consequence simply of living. Whether debt comes from student loans, medical bills or everyday spending necessities, being financially indebted can not only put a strain on your financial responsibilities, it can […]

How to Cure Your Holiday Hangover through Consolidation

The New Year has come and gone, and what are you left with? A holiday hangover. From the food to the gifts, the excess has dragged you down, and you are definitely feeling the effects. Your waistline is a little bigger, and those credit card statements have finally started to arrive. It might have been […]

How Much Do You Know About Credit Card Debt?

From interest rates to repayment methods, how much do you really know about credit card debt? Find out by taking our credit card knowledge quiz!

New Year’s Resolutions for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

The holidays have come to an end, and with the excess of food and spending, most people’s credit card statements aren’t looking very pretty. In true traditional form, the beginning of the year is the time for setting goals we’d like to achieve. While losing weight is the reigning king of New Year’s resolutions, getting […]

Common Debt Collection Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve ever dealt with a debt collection service, you know that it can be a trying process. It seems as though they never contact you at the right time, and you just don’t know how to communicate with them. Fortunately, there are tips on how to deal with debt collectors (link to “How to […]

How to Financially Plan for the New Year

Each new year brings new opportunities, and what better way to start fresh than by creating a financial plan to utilize throughout the next 12 months? From monthly payments to unexpected costs, here are some important tips for organizing your funds before ringing in the new year. Track your spending Before the New Year kicks […]

7 Myths about Debt Settlement

If you find yourself in a bunch and are considering ways to resolve debt, you might think debt settlement sounds like a good option, but it can be a tricky process. Without the proper knowledge and support system, utilizing a settlement company can go sour quickly. Here are the biggest myths pertaining to settlement programs. […]