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Save Money in the Kitchen with These Easy Tips

Lower You Weekly Grocery Bill and Save Money in the Kitchen with These Easy Tips Your weekly trip to the grocery store is made challenging by crowded aisles, familial needs, and long lines. This necessary task is made even more stressful when the shockingly high final price appears on your receipt. After living expenses, food […]

Used vs. New: Buying the Right Car for Your Finances

When you’re in the market for your next car or truck, the salesmen and the showrooms can seem like pretty intimidating places. Whether you’re better off with a new car or selecting a used or “pre-owned” vehicle depends upon a number of factors, and there isn’t one right answer for everyone. While a friend of […]

Spring Cleaning | 3 Household Items to Sell for Cash

Easy ways to turn your unwanted household items into extra funds The spring season brings a much-needed feeling of revitalization after winter’s long snowy months. One way to bring that sensation into your home is with a spring cleaning. This doesn’t just mean cleaning windows or emptying your fridge; it is an opportunity to completely […]

Avoiding Phone App Deal Traps

Making a Plan to Avoid Overspending and Unnecessary Shopping We all know that the best way to make sure you don’t overspend at the grocery store is to make a list of your grocery needs that fits your budget. Making a list not only provides an easy-to-follow plan to make sure that we don’t overspend, […]

Offseason Shopping Tips and Tricks

How to Use Offseason Shopping to Your Advantage Smart shoppers know that buying in the off-season can save you time and money on goods you know you will need when the season arrives. The key is to shop for items at non-peak times when retailers are more likely to unload old merchandise and there’s not […]

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Tips to Save Money on Winter Energy Bills One of the most difficult parts of sticking to any household budget is knowing how much money to allocate to energy bills as they can fluctuate wildly during different seasons. While it can be difficult to know how cold the weather will turn and for how long, […]

Valentines on a Budget

Budget Alternatives to Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts and Events Celebrating Valentine’s Day is important to many people. Companies and advertising can entice you to spend liberally on expensive diamond gifts and extravagant dinners out at upscale restaurants. Having a budget and sticking to it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on a meaningful holiday […]

Affordable Winter Activities

Affordable Ways to Enjoy Winter Activities with Your Family Winter can be cold and dreary, but beating the winter blues and having winter fun doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Many great outdoor winter activities are free, but if activities outside in frigid temperatures are not your thing, there are plenty of indoor activities […]

3 Strategies for Dealing with Holiday Debt

  The holiday season is a festive time of year filled with valuable family time and an endless supply of unforgettable memories. For many, these feelings of seasonal happiness may have caused you to lose control of your holiday spending. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; you’re not the only one. Many Americans struggle […]

Cryptocurrency: The Danger of Unsecured Currencies

  Note: CreditGUARD doesn’t support the use of cryptocurrency. To that end, we believe our readers and clients should be educated about all manner of financial issues including the current trends in digital forms of currency. CreditGUARD only recommends the use of FDIC-secured U.S. legal tender. Over the past ten years, the rise of cryptocurrency […]