People all around the country are struggling with the burden of student debt, and with collective student loan debt at an all-time high, many people are asking themselves: is this really worth it? On one hand, there is value in a college education, especially when it comes to navigating employment prospects. But on the other […]

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Nowadays, many employers offer employees access to retirement plans. These plans are an important component when it comes to employees planning for their financial futures. The two main types of retirement plans include defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans, with the latter being more popular in recent years. Pensions are the primary defined benefit […]

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Many people struggle with high debt balances and, as a result, have collections accounts listed on their credit reports. These collections accounts will typically lower your credit score, the magnitude of which depends on many different factors. People often want easy fixes for complex problems, and one solution that some people are tempted to get […]

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Many people struggle with high debt balances, and this has only been more of a challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals and families around the country are drowning in debt and struggling to find a way out. As a result, many are turning to professional agencies with experience in helping people to manage and reduce […]

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When it comes to borrowing money, having good credit is an absolute must. But many people do not, so they must pursue alternative options when they want to take out a loan. One way to do this to have someone else cosign a loan. While this may seem of little consequence for the individual with […]

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