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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in North Carolina

We can help you get out of debt in North Carolina. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

Clients We’ve helped in North Carolina

A Tobaccoville, North Carolina client saved an estimated $20,865.10
A Castle Hayne, North Carolina client saved an estimated $8,240.92
A Kernersville, North Carolina client saved an estimated $7,004.79
A Raleigh, North Carolina client saved an estimated $7,517.05
A Bolivia, North Carolina client saved an estimated $63,837.93
A Mocksville, North Carolina client saved an estimated $20,317.34
A Burlington, North Carolina client saved an estimated $11,356.91
A Winston Salem, North Carolina client saved an estimated $29,802.42
A Asheville, North Carolina client saved an estimated $10,051.71
A Grover, North Carolina client saved an estimated $5,457.87


Strengthen Your Finances with Credit Counseling

CreditGUARD of America, Inc. understands that juggling multiple credit cards or a combination of medical bills and personal loans can quickly become stressful. This is why we offer valuable financial advice through our North Carolina credit counseling services. map of North Carolina

We have provided friendly and affordable North Carolina credit counseling for more than 20 years. As a nonprofit entity, we’re able to focus squarely on the needs of our clients rather than a bottom line. Whether you need advice on integrating a new home loan into your family’s budget or want to boost your savings rate as you approach retirement, our experienced credit counselors stand ready to help. They can also provide much-needed information and advice about dealing with collection calls.

CreditGUARD: Facilitating Debt Consolidation in North Carolina for Two Decades

You don’t have to face your mounting unsecured debts on your own. Since our founding, we have provided North Carolina debt consolidation services and continue to do so today. Our credit counselors can negotiate reductions to the interest rates on your unsecured debts regardless of when you made your last payment. Even if you owe tens of thousands of dollars to your creditors, we’ll gladly tackle your debts and produce meaningful results.

How CreditGUARD’s North Carolina Debt Consolidation Plans Work

At CreditGUARD, you can enroll in a debt consolidation program tailored to meet your financial needs. Under our program, all of your unsecured debts will be consolidated into an affordable monthly payment that carries a reduced rate of interest. Best of all, you’ll lessen your debts without the aid of a new loan.

Take a moment to learn more about the advantages of debt consolidation in North Carolina today. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 or fill out the electronic application for a free debt consultation.

North Carolina Statistics

Average North Carolina persons per household2.33
Average North Carolina client age50
Average North Carolina client annual income$31,804.98
Average North Carolina client annual expenses$28,051.02
Average North Carolina client total debt$14,345.06
Average North Carolina client savings$17,516.03


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A North Carolina Client’s Story

A client’s husband in Hillsboro, North Carolina was laid off for a few months and now he is back to work and not making the same income because they were depended on his overtime every month. They owe $29,130 in credit cards and some medical bills. They will be out of debt with us in 4 years instead of 45 going through the program.

From: Article 56. Debt Adjusting.

§ 14-426. Certain persons and transactions not deemed debt adjusters or debt adjustment.

The following individuals or transactions shall not be deemed debt adjusters or as being engaged in the business or practice of debt adjusting:

(7) An organization that provides credit counseling, education, and debt management services to debtors if the organization also does all of the following:

a. Provides individualized credit counseling and budgeting assistance to the debtor without charge prior to the debtor’s enrollment in a debt management plan provided by the organization.

b. Determines that the debtor has the financial ability to make payments to complete the debt management plan and that the plan is suitable for the debtor.

c. Disburses the debtor’s funds to creditors pursuant to a debt management plan that the debtor has paid for with no more than nominal consideration and has agreed to in writing.

d. Provides to the debtor, periodically and on no less than a quarterly basis, an individualized accounting for the most recent period of all of the debtor’s payments and disbursements under the debt management plan and all charges paid by the debtor.

e. Does not directly or indirectly require the debtor to purchase other services or materials as a condition to participating in the debt management plan.

f. Does not receive a payment, commission, or other benefit for referring the debtor to a provider of services. g. Is accredited by an accrediting organization that the Commissioner of Banks approves as being independent and nationally recognized for providing accreditation to organizations that provide credit counseling and debt management services.