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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in New Hampshire

Clients We’ve helped in New Hampshire

A Somersworth, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $7,515.04
A Nashua, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $6,119.42
A Hampton, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $7,702.35
A Berlin, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $4,361.43
A Concord, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $13,977.61
A Hooksett, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $9,286.63
A Hudson, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $25,498.25
A Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $40,426.20
A Seabrook, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $67,041.77
A Pembroke, New Hampshire client saved an estimated $7,592.47


We can help you get out of debt in New Hampshire. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

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CreditGUARD Debt and Credit Counseling Offers a Stress-Free Solution

Today’s turbulent economy may make paying off your debts more difficult than ever before. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to receive debt relief. Not only do the counselors at CreditGUARD of America, Inc. offer expert advice on credit issues and debt consolidation in New Hampshire, but they also help you create a detailed budget for the long-term. Our friendly credit counselors’ work with you one-on-one to plan a budget tailored to fit your unique financial needs.

Get Out from Under Revolving Credit Debt with New Hampshire Debt Consolidation

Revolving credit card debt makes it difficult to maximize your available income while paying down on debts and meeting your expenses. At CreditGUARD, we understand that having massive debt with a high interest rate can sometimes cause you to fall behind. If this is case, you may want to pursue a debt consolidation program. When you enroll in CreditGUARD’s debt consolidation program, your debt will be consolidated into one affordable payment at a lower interest rate. With debt consolidation, you can pay off your debt more quickly while eliminating those annoying collection calls and notices.

CreditGUARD’s New Hampshire Credit Counseling Can Ensure Your Financial Future

If you already have an existing budget but you consistently spend more in some areas, it is time to analyze your income and expenses. CreditGUARD of America, Inc. meticulously details your incoming and outgoing funds, finds areas that could use improvement, and highlights methods of making your money work harder for you. With help from our New Hampshire credit counseling, you can quickly get back on track and ensure your financial future.

Call us today at 1-800-589-1643 to speak with one of our knowledgeable credit counselors. You’ll be surprised to learn just how much money you can save with a few simple adjustments to your budget.

New Hampshire Statistics

Average New Hampshire persons per household2.29
Average New Hampshire client age48
Average New Hampshire client annual income$32,412.70
Average New Hampshire client annual expenses$28,392.84
Average New Hampshire client total debt$13,998.01
Average New Hampshire client savings$17,261.81


A New Hampshire Client’s Story

A young woman called who was very concerned about student loans, presently attending school for nursing. She needs help to lower her monthly payments. Her main concern is her student loans, but she also needs to reapply for more assistance for school. She has several accounts in collections, has 4 children living with her in Concord, New Hampshire and her income was decreased to keep her job. She will need a debt consolidation program for student loans as well as her credit cards.

From: Title XXXVI Pawnbrokers and Money Lenders

Chapter 399-D Debt Adjustment Services
399-D:14 Fees of Licensee. –

I. The fees of the licensee shall be agreed upon in advance and stated in the contract, and provision for settlement in case of cancellation or prepayment shall be clearly stated in the contract. Fees shall be amortized equally each month over the length of the contract and no licensee shall be entitled to any fee until the contract has been in full force for 30 days and thereafter the monthly amortized amount may be applied to charges at 30-day intervals, while the contract is in full force and effect, except in the event of prepayment or cancellation. No licensee shall be entitled to any fee against the debtor, upon any contract, until the debt adjustment program is arranged and approved by the debtor. A contract shall not be effective until a debtor has made a payment to the licensee for distribution to his creditors or the debtor has otherwise made a payment to a creditor in accordance with the contract. The licensee may request a deposit not to exceed $25 upon the signing of the contract. Said deposit shall be held in escrow by the licensee. In the event that the debtor fulfills the conditions of the contract, the deposit shall be returned. In the event that the debtor fails to make payment in accordance with the contract for a period in excess of 60 days, the deposit shall be forfeited.
II. A licensee shall not receive any fee unless he or she has the written consent of such number of creditors as hold obligations representing at least 25 percent of the total amount of indebtedness and 25 percent of the total number of the creditors listed in the licensee’s contract with the debtor, or unless a like number of creditors have accepted a distribution of payment. Creditors or their attorneys shall have access to all records relative to such consent for verification.
III. The fees received by a licensee shall be based on the amount required to pay indebtedness and shall not exceed:
(a) 10 percent when the plan of payment is for a period of 10 months or less;
(b) 12 1/2 percent when the plan of payment is for a period of more than 10 months but less than 18 months; and
(c) 15 percent when the plan of payment is for a period of 18 months or more.