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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Montana

We can help you get out of debt in Montana. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

Clients We’ve helped in Montana

A Baker, Montana client saved an estimated $27,982.04
A Willow Creek, Montana client saved an estimated $20,269.08
A Corvallis, Montana client saved an estimated $60,878.64
A Browning, Montana client saved an estimated $8,509.94
A Hamilton, Montana client saved an estimated $5,384.65
A Billings, Montana client saved an estimated $9,840.14
A Kalispell, Montana client saved an estimated $15,248.66
A Baker, Montana client saved an estimated $38,704.70
A Billings, Montana client saved an estimated $15,241.78
A Peerless, Montana client saved an estimated $12,705.68


CreditGUARD Credit Counseling Empowers Families

Take the first step towards debt relief by seeking debt and credit counseling from CreditGUARD of America, Inc. Montana debt consolidation services from CreditGUARD give you the tools needed to consolidate multiple debts, manage your personal finances more responsibly, and ensure your financial wellbeing for the future.

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CreditGUARD: Compassionate Counseling for Every Situation

Upside-down mortgages, a weak economy, and employment layoffs can cause unavoidable financial problems for anyone. Montana credit counseling provided by CreditGUARD can help you stay current on your monthly obligations and reduce interest rates by making one affordable monthly payment that lowers outstanding balances rapidly.

Debt can be overwhelming and far-reaching in its consequences. Piled up bills, late payments, and allowing debtors to charge-off your accounts could limit your options for finding affordable insurance, landing a better job or getting a mortgage approved. Through our Montana credit counseling program, we can make custom recommendations for your income and bill situation.

Our credit counselors will contact all your creditors to arrange interest rate reductions and waive late fees where possible. We’ll also consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment, making getting out of debt virtually hassle-free

Be Proactive about Your Finances with Help from CreditGUARD

You don’t need to be in trouble to take advantage of proactive approaches to finances. CreditGUARD’s debt consolidation in Montana offers resources for better budget management, putting aside money for the future, and achieving financial security for your family. You could retire your debts in just a few years by taking an active approach, learning about financial strategies, and taking advantage of educational resources. Call us today at 1-800-589-1643 to talk with one of our counselors and discuss your financial situation with complete confidentiality.

Montana Statistics

Average Missouri persons per household2.44
Average Missouri client age49
Average Missouri client annual income$30,003.64
Average Missouri client annual expenses$26,089.18
Average Missouri client total debt$14,960.42
Average Missouri client savings$18,949.11


A Montana Client’s Story

I spoke with a line chef at a hotel in Billings, Montana. His former girlfriend ran up his credit cards and did mail orders. His hours were cut when new head chef was recently hired and plans on bringing in his own workers. He recently split from his girl friend (they lived together) and moved back to his mom’s house. Then he got laid off, has filed for insurance, expects to be able to continue with his mom’s help.

From: Montana Consumer Debt Services Act

30-14-2013. Prohibited practices. (1) A credit counseling service may not:
(a) purchase any debt or obligation of a consumer;
(b) lend money or provide credit to a consumer;
(c) obtain a mortgage or other security interest in any property of a consumer;
(d) operate as a collection agency;
(e) structure a debt management plan in a way that at the debt management plan’s conclusion any debts of the consumer that are subject to the debt management plan are not fully amortized;
(f) charge for or provide credit insurance;
(g) cause or attempt to cause a consumer to waive or forego any right or benefit that the consumer has under the provisions of this part; or
(h) operate in this state without a license.
(2) (a) A credit counseling service may not advertise its services in any manner in this state without first being licensed by the department.
(b) A credit counseling service or any person on a credit counseling service’s behalf may not misrepresent any material fact or make a false promise intended to induce a consumer into entering a debt management plan.