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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Misssouri

Clients We’ve helped in Missouri

A Webster Groves, Missouri client saved an estimated $19,911.70
A Canton, Missouri client saved an estimated $9,256.40
A Affton, Missouri client saved an estimated $17,247.55
A Climax Springs, Missouri client saved an estimated $42,582.26
A Hoults, Missouri client saved an estimated $1,579.78
A Springfield, Missouri client saved an estimated $10,204.50
A Springfield, Missouri client saved an estimated $11,243.23
A Doniphan, Missouri client saved an estimated $2,108.75
A Republic, Missouri client saved an estimated $5,695.68
A Greenwood, Missouri client saved an estimated $7,820.16


We can help you get out of debt in Missouri. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

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Debt Consolidation with Help from CreditGUARD

If today’s economy is affecting your personal finances, you may find relief with help from Missouri debt consolidation. Once payment problems begin, they often escalate. Fortunately, CreditGUARD has over 20 years of experience in helping people overcome their debt issues.

With debt consolidation in Missouri you have access to guidance from credit experts. In fact, our team will contact your lenders for you to merge your debts into one affordable monthly payment. In addition, our professional staff will offer you financial education and custom budgeting advice to prevent money problems in the future.

CreditGUARD’s Debt Management Program

If you have a large amount of debt, then you may be eligible for our debt management program. With our program, we will contact your lenders and negotiate new terms like reduced interest rates or lower monthly payments. Moreover, by contacting us about Missouri credit counseling, you may meet the requirements for both options as well as have any late fees waived. Our program provides people with a quick and easy way to get out of debt. Rather than living with a 30-year headache, you can eliminate debt in just 5 short years.

Contact CreditGUARD for Help with Your Personal Budget

CreditGUARD will also help you manage your household budget and show you how to handle future credit situations. Our specialists have a number of useful money management tips to help you pay off your lenders and stay out of debt for good.

With CreditGUARD’s debt consolidation in Missouri, you’ll find financial peace of mind. Once you have your budget under control, you can focus on the future. Be sure to call us at 1-800-589-1643, and we’ll help you begin the process of paying off your current financial obligations.

Missouri Statistics

Average Missouri persons per household2.44
Average Missouri client age49
Average Missouri client annual income$30,003.64
Average Missouri client annual expenses$26,089.18
Average Missouri client total debt$14,960.42
Average Missouri client savings$18,949.11


Real Stores of Missouri Clients

I spoke with a client in Kansas City, Missouri. She called our program because a creditor had contacted her and was threatening to take her to court. She had fallen behind on some accounts because her fiancé is in construction but is currently unemployed. She needed some advice on how to handle the account and wanted to pay it down without hurting her budget. I explained that she needed to contact that creditor, and see if they can work out an arrangement either directly with the client, or with our program. She called them and they agreed to review our proposal and work with our program. She was also able to add a credit card account she was behind on so another situation did not arise. We went over the program and we will start contacting these creditors and help her resolve the debts, and she will be paid off in under 4 years. Initially she only has $1300 on the program, but she will be receiving her credit report, which I advised her to acquire. If there is anything else detrimental on her credit, she will also add those accounts in so she can try to clear all of her outstanding debts.

A young mother from Kansas City, Missouri, was distraught when she called. She and her husband were desperate. Carrying fourteen credit cards with a total debt of more than twenty-five thousand dollars was causing great stress. The annual percentage rates ranged from seventeen to twenty-nine percent. While the clients were not behind, they frequently missed their due dates which resulted in late fees. They had incurred credit card debt due to a reduction in income and medical expenses — the pregnancy was difficult, the wife had to stop working, and the couple incurred medical expenses due to high copayments and coinsurance. After reviewing their income and expenses, I was able to develop a budget plan. I was also able to reduce their monthly payments to the creditors by thirty percent. Because CreditGuard’s debt management plan lowered their interest rates to less than ten percent, the young parents will be debt free in four years.

John in St. Louis, Missouri had credit card bills he wanted to pay off quickly as he was retired and his wife is close to retiring. He was having difficulty paying the minimum payments on his cards each month. I worked with him on a debt consolidation program to get him out of debt sooner and save thousands in interest. I did clients enrollment with him yesterday and he was very grateful for the assistance.

From: Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 425 Debt Adjusters and Collection Agencies

Surety bond for debt adjusters required, amount.

425.027. Each initial license application shall be accompanied by a surety bond in the principal sum in accordance with the following categories:

(1) Fifty thousand dollars if the applicant declares that the operation will handle no consumer monies; or

(2) One hundred thousand dollars otherwise.

The bond shall be for the benefit of any debtor who is damaged by the debt adjuster’s breach of the debt management plan or debt settlement plan or the debt adjuster’s failure to properly administer debtor funds collected or disbursed under the debt management plan or debt settlement plan. The director of the division of finance may investigate any debtor complaint and make claim on a bond for the benefit of a debtor or release the bond to a debtor to make a claim.

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