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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Mississippi

Clients We’ve helped in Mississippi

A Wiggins, Mississippi client saved an estimated $2,357.73
A Tunica, Mississippi client saved an estimated $4,899.40
A Jackson, Mississippi client saved an estimated $5,263.49
A Lucedale, Mississippi client saved an estimated $4,102.27
A Isola, Mississippi client saved an estimated $10,425.78
A Oxford, Mississippi client saved an estimated $7,843.63
A Brookhaven, Mississippi client saved an estimated $22,795.87
A Benton, Mississippi client saved an estimated $91,870.03
A Lexington, Mississippi client saved an estimated $9,346.03
A Lucedale, Mississippi client saved an estimated $12,367.47


We can help you get out of debt in Mississippi. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

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Simplify Your Life with Mississippi Credit Counseling Services

Get Mississippi credit counseling and consolidate your debt with CreditGUARD of America, Inc. You can get your creditors off your back, manage your finances all in one easy monthly payment, and receive tips on how to pay it down within a tight budget, all from the same helpful organization.

What is CreditGUARD?

CreditGUARD of America, Inc. provides counseling and debt consolidation to people who find themselves holding credit card, retail, and other types of debt. We will help you get back on your feet by reducing your current interest rates and giving you tools so you can stay out of debt in the future.

The key aspect of CreditGUARD is that, from the acquisition of your debt from creditors all the way to each compassionate counseling session, everyone at our agency is on your side. We want you to succeed at making sure you pay down your debts and improve your credit score. While we understand that it is ultimately up to you, we will provide support every step of the way. CreditGUARD works with you to get your life back on track.

How Does Mississippi Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling Work?

Mississippi debt consolidation is done by CreditGUARD through our connections with banks and creditors across the United States. We take all of your outstanding debts and lump them all together into one single consolidated account with a low interest rate. Through our debt consolidation program, we will work with you to eliminate your debt in less than five years.

Your counselor will give you encouragement as you commit to a plan to pay down your debt for good. With each milestone, you will feel more and more empowered, and when your debt is finally paid off, you will be free to follow your dreams once again. If you want to pursue financial independence, contact one of our CreditGUARD representatives at 1-800-589-1643 today!

Mississippi Statistics

Average Mississippi persons per household2.31
Average Mississippi client age51
Average Mississippi client annual income$29,545.94
Average Mississippi client annual expenses$26,526.90
Average Mississippi client total debt$12,293.26
Average Mississippi client savings$14,722.25


A Mississippi Client’s Story

A woman living in Enterprise, Mississippi. Has a daughter, 16yrs old who was diagnosed with a brain tumor just a little over a year ago. With all the related medical cost/prescriptions she has fallen behind and falling further behind. Also her husband was killed in a car accident 5yrs ago. Client has been a single mother ever since. She has $5,706 in credit card debt plus Medical debt. She will be saving $4,099 in fees and interest and be debt free in 3 years and 2 months as opposed to 14 years, 9 months .



§ 81-22-9. Handling of consumer funds

(1) Funds deposited in escrow account. The debt management service provider shall deposit, within two (2) business days of receipt, all funds received from or on behalf of a consumer for payment to a creditor or creditors in a federally insured escrow account for the benefit of the consumer in a supervised financial organization. Any escrow account established to receive consumer funds is free from trustee process and unavailable to creditors of the debt management service provider.

(2) Requirements for handling of funds. The debt management service provider shall:

(a) Maintain separate records of account for each consumer receiving debt management services; (b) Remit funds received from or on behalf of a consumer to the consumer’s creditor or creditors within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of the funds; and (c) Correct or remedy any misdirected payments resulting from an error by the debt management service provider and reimburse the consumer for any actual costs or fees imposed by a creditor as a result of such misdirection. (3) Commingling of funds. The debt management service provider may not commingle escrow accounts established for the benefit of consumers with any operating accounts of the debt management service provider.