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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Kentucky

Clients We’ve helped in Kentucky
A Murray, Kentucky client saved an estimated $2,424.80
A Paintlick, Kentucky client saved an estimated $7,554.49
A Morgantown, Kentucky client saved an estimated $5,075.42
A Louisville, Kentucky client saved an estimated $16,667.70
A Bowling Green, Kentucky client saved an estimated $2,495.52
A Lexington, Kentucky client saved an estimated $35,667.80
A Mount Sterling, Kentucky client saved an estimated $23,328.84
A Neon, Kentucky client saved an estimated $4,853.72
A Lexington, Kentucky client saved an estimated $5,274.79
A Winchester, Kentucky client saved an estimated $25,258.23


We can help you get out of debt in Kentucky. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

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CreditGuard Offers Affordable Debt Consolidation Options

In most cases, getting into debt is easier than escaping from it. The unsteady economy makes it especially difficult to stay within budget and save for the future. Before you spend another month wondering how you’ll get by, learn about solutions that are available to you.

CreditGUARD Makes Kentucky Credit Counseling Affordable

CreditGUARD of America, Inc. is a nonprofit credit counseling agency that can spearhead your battle against debt. After 20 years of helping countless consumers escape from their debts, CreditGUARD has built an impressive array of credit counseling resources. We also offer information on how to apply for an auto loan and tips for buying a home.
What’s more, you’ll always have a team of trusted credit counselors backing you up as you pay down your debts. Our counselors stand ready to provide advice and insight about reworking your household budget and staying current on your debt payments. Since CreditGUARD is a nonprofit organization and receives much of its funding from other sources, you can rest assured that our top priority is your financial wellbeing.

Debt Consolidation in Kentucky: Your Ticket to Debt Freedom

CreditGUARD also offers personalized debt management programs that can quickly and effectively reduce your financial obligations. Our expert credit counselors can negotiate lower interest rates for your unsecured debts. These might include old department store credit cards, medical bills, and bank-issued credit cards.

Once you begin your customized Kentucky debt consolidation program, your credit counselor will bundle your old obligations into a new payment plan. You’ll make just one easy payment per month at a greatly reduced interest rate. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest payments. Best of all, you won’t have to take out a costly new loan to avoid insolvency.

To learn more about debt consolidation in Kentucky, call us at 1-800-589-1643 today or enter your information into our simple online form.


Kentucky Statistics

Average Kentucky persons per household2.40
Average Kentucky client age49
Average Kentucky client annual income$28,640.20
Average Kentucky client annual expenses$24,720.09
Average Kentucky client total debt$13,798.49
Average Kentucky client savings$17,078.62


Real Stories of Kentucky Clients

Scott, our client from Burlington, Kentucky, recently divorced and with one income was having a hard time paying his bills. His credit cards were 5 months behind and he desperately wanted help. We were able to get his $13,500 down to a payment of $369 a month saving him a nice monthly sum and discontinuing his late fees further reducing his monthly payment. He also liked the fact that we had a number for his creditors to call until each organization was fully informed that he had joined Creditguard. In addition to lower interest rates and the above benefits, he will be out of debt in 3 years and 10 months.

R and D from Lexington, Kentucky are a retired couple on a fixed income that began struggling when they had to help their son thru a divorce. Their credit card debt totals $23,335.00 In our program their payment will be $586 and they will be debt free in 4 years and 1 months, saving them a total of $40,000. They are thrilled.

A Client who resides in Louisville, Kentucky called in and asked for some help. With a monthly payment of $220, She was now in fear of falling behind due to less income a month. After reviewing her debt to income and creditors, we were able to get her an approval with a payment of $99 saving $121 being debt free in 3 years instead of 11 years on her own. With a total savings of $1000 in interest, the client was very happy and seemed a little more at ease knowing she can still pay off the accounts faster with a lower payment.

Our client from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, has a son who was hit by a car and he is now on disability and living with her and this is how she ended up with $4,200.00 in credit card debt. She has had trouble affording medicines and has ended up one month behind on her cards. She was afraid no one could help her and called us and was so grateful that we could help her. Linda’s new payment is down to $123. She will be totally out of debt in 4 years and 5 months and save $2,336.90 in interest.

From: Kentucky Legislature Title XXXI Debtor -Creditor Relations

Chapter 380 Debit Adjusting

380.060 Person engaged in debt adjusting to contract with debtor — Disclosure and notice to debtor — Debtor’s right to cancel.

(1) A person engaged in debt adjusting shall contract in writing with the debtor and obtain the debtor’s signature on the contract which shall designate the date on which the debtor actually signs the contract as the date of the transaction and fully disclose the exact nature of the debt-adjusting services and the total amount and terms of compensation.

(2) Any debtor entering into a contract to provide debt-adjusting services shall have a right to cancel the contract until midnight of the fourteenth day after the day on which the debtor signs a contract offer to enter into a contract for debt-adjusting services, except as provided in subsection (7) of this section.