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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Delaware

Clients We’ve helped in Delaware

A Wilmington, Delaware client saved an estimated $8,681.96
A Bear, Delaware client saved an estimated $41,756.08
A Claymont, Delaware client saved an estimated $11,694.13
A Wilmington, Delaware client saved an estimated $13,557.78
A Wilmington, Delaware client saved an estimated $3,883.37
A Felton, Delaware client saved an estimated $31,536.44
A New Castle, Delaware client saved an estimated $1,090.33
A New Castle, Delaware client saved an estimated $24,048.28
A Wilmington, Delaware client saved an estimated $2,210.84
A Magnolia, Delaware client saved an estimated $4,854.91


We can help you get out of debt in Delaware. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

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Life-Altering Delaware Credit Counseling

Whether the economy hit you hard or you simply had a run of bad luck, poor credit can happen to any of us. With the economy the way it is, debt can pile up in no time at all, leaving you wondering about the future. Thankfully, there are Delaware debt consolidation companies such as CreditGUARD of America, Inc. to help us through these challenging times. CreditGUARD provides a means to help you rebuild your life.

The first part of your credit counseling experience is to develop a plan with one of our counselors to get out of debt. Our expert credit counselors will provide budgets and other savings tools to reduce your debt load as quickly as possible, enabling you to get back to your life goals. Our counselors will also teach you about responsible money management so that you can prevent debt from ever happening to you again.

No matter what your credit history is or how deeply you are in debt, CreditGUARD’s trusted counselors will see you through. Peace of mind is close at hand as you put your life back on financial track.

Lower Your Payments with Delaware Debt Consolidation

CreditGUARD will take your debts from your creditors and consolidate them into a single, reduced-interest payment that meets your budgetary circumstances. As long as you follow our advice, you will be able to succeed at meeting your consolidation payments and pay down your debt. No matter how many creditors you have, how much debt you’ve amassed or how many payments you’ve missed, CreditGUARD will help you restore your credit.

CreditGUARD and Credit Guidance

CreditGUARD has provided guidance on money and debt matters to people for over two decades. Our organization works to get people in difficult financial circumstances back on their feet and moving forward with their lives. For the expert counselors at CreditGUARD, your financial wellbeing is the utmost priority.

Debt consolidation in Delaware has an easy, convenient solution: CreditGUARD of America, Inc. Give us a call today at 1-800-589-1643 for more information on how debt consolidation can change your life.

Delaware Statistics

Average Delaware persons per household2.31
Average Delaware client age51
Average Delaware client annual income$36,823.74
Average Delaware client annual expenses$32,767.16
Average Delaware client total debt$15,033.14
Average Delaware client savings$17,214.28


A Delaware Client’s Story

I spoke with a consumer from Wilmington, Delaware who lost her job a year ago and receiving unemployment with is due to run out this month. She is going to school and trying to find a job to help make her credit card payments. She is in debt of $3900, just purchased a car and is living with her mother and does not have high household expenses. She is looking to reduce interest to her two creditors.

From: Delaware Uniform Debt Management Services Act.

(9) “Debt management services” means services as an intermediary between an individual and 1 or more creditors of the individual for the purpose of obtaining concessions, but does not include:

(A) Legal services provided in an attorney client relationship by an attorney licensed or otherwise authorized to practice law in this State;

(B) Accounting services provided in an accountant client relationship by a certified public accountant licensed to provide accounting services in this State; or

(C) Financial planning services provided in a financial planner client relationship by a member of a financial planning profession whose members the Attorney General, by rule, determines are:

(i) Licensed by this State;

(ii) Subject to a disciplinary mechanism;

(iii) Subject to a code of professional responsibility; and

(iv) Subject to a continuing education requirement.