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Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation in Connecticut

We can help you get out of debt in Connecticut. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 to find out how!

Clients We’ve Helped in Connecticut

A New Britain, Connecticut client saved an estimated $5,117.28
A Naugatuck, Connecticut client saved an estimated $33,890.09
A Windsor Locks, Connecticut client saved an estimated $57,708.86
A Southington, Connecticut client saved an estimated $78,057.88
A Terryville, Connecticut client saved an estimated $4,690.83
A West Haven, Connecticut client saved an estimated $2,940.81
A Groton, Connecticut client saved an estimated $5,863.99
A East Hampton, Connecticut client saved an estimated $12,043.15
A Manchester, Connecticut client saved an estimated $1,398.33
A New Haven, Connecticut client saved an estimated $15,061.13


Save Yourself from Financial Distress with Connecticut Credit Counseling

Poor credit happens to good people. With the economy so unstable, it may not even matter that you have managed your money effectively for your entire life. All it takes is one major episode of financial distress—a medical bill, a job loss or vehicle damage—to put you behind. There is nothing to be ashamed of in having less-than-stellar credit.

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That being said, when you have poor credit, it can be difficult to do things like find a place to live, open a bank account, buy a car or get a mortgage. It can put up roadblocks in your plans and goals for your future. Don’t let debt get you down. Consult with one of our professional credit counselors about Connecticut debt consolidation. We can help you budget and give you tools to put your life back together.

Lower Your Debt Payments with Debt Consolidation in Connecticut

The process of debt consolidation involves putting all of your credit card, loan, retail and other debts into a single, affordable payment. We offer reduced interest rates and, in some cases, can even waive late fees. By consolidating your loans, you never have to worry about missing a payment or having to take out more debt to make a payment. Whether or not you have $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 worth of debt, CreditGUARD can help you restore your credit without any hassle and rebuild your life for the future.

CreditGUARD Provides Helpful Connecticut Credit Counseling

For over 20 years, we have offered debt management and credit counseling services. If you need to get your finances back on track, we can help. Our credit coaches will help you devise a budget to ensure that you will stay out of debt for good. Combined with our credit counseling services, we offer you a chance at true financial wellbeing. Call us at 1-800-589-1643 for more information about how you can improve your credit and become free from debt.

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Connecticut Statistics

Average Connecticut persons per household2.48
Average Connecticut client age46
Average Connecticut client annual income$34,492.10
Average Connecticut client annual expenses$29,723.48
Average Connecticut client total debt$15,921.73
Average Connecticut client savings$19,143.17


Real Stories of Connecticut Clients

Our Hamden, Connecticut client, is three months behind on her credit card debt of $12,000. She is a home health aide, lost a client and has been unable to catch up. She also has 2 small children and is not currently receiving any child support. We put her into our debt management program, which reduced her monthly payments to $302. Her goal was to have a payment of around $300. She was very pleased to have help and to achieve her goal.

A man called me from New London, Connecticut and said he is 78 years old and on a fixed income and many of his expenses have increased and he feels he will fall behind without any help. He has two credit cards totaling just over $15,000. I was able to getr him a payment he can afford with the Creditguard program and he will save over $18,000 and be debt free in a little over four years.

From: Chapter 669 Part II Debt Adjuster and Debt Negotiation

Sec. 36a-658. (Formerly Sec. 36-370). Posting of license. Responsibilities of licensee. License nontransferable. Surrender of license. Each license shall state the location at which the business is to be conducted and shall state fully the name of the licensee. If the licensee desires to engage in the business of debt adjustment in more than one location, the licensee shall procure a license for each location where the business is to be conducted. Each license shall be maintained at the location for which the license was issued and shall be available for public inspection. Such license shall not be transferable or assignable, provided any change of location of a licensee shall require only prior written notice to the commissioner. No licensee shall use any name other than the name stated on the license issued by the commissioner. Not later than fifteen days after a licensee ceases to engage in this state in the business of debt adjustment for any reason, including a business decision to terminate operations in this state, license revocation, bankruptcy or voluntary dissolution, such licensee shall surrender to the commissioner in person or by registered or certified mail its license for each location in which such licensee has ceased to engage in such business.