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Media Center

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about CreditGUARD of America. Our non-profit credit counseling agency takes great pride in our press releases, educational pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, and financial education resources. If you are interested in finding out more information about our media center, debt management services, or company history, please take a moment to browse through our web site. contact us online, or call CreditGUARD of America, Inc. at 1-800-500-6489.

“Clean Slate” Podcast Series

Check out our Clean Slate Podcast Series, the podcast dedicated to helping you get out of debt. Over the course of 14 episodes we cover everything from credit card advice to avoiding bankruptcy and more.


Educational Pamphlets

Budgeting Made Easy

Budgeting is a way to turn your dreams into a reality by setting realistic goals and priorities. Budgeting Made Easy! shows consumers how to setup a personal budget and then make your budget work. This educational pamphlet includes income worksheet, credit card worksheet, fixed expenses worksheet, flexible expenses worksheet, discretionary expenses worksheet and end-of-the-month budget analyzer.

Budgeting: Your Money Guide for Getting Through School

Learn how to successfully manage your money and avoid credit problems by using Budgeting: Your Money Guide for Getting Through School. This educational pamphlet has useful tips for debt management, how to use credit cards, student loan strategies, and ways to save money.

Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Today, your credit report affects more than your ability to get a loan so it is important to avoid credit problems. Credit Cards: What You Need to Know shows consumers the pros and cons to using credit cards. This educational pamphlet gives advise on where you can get a credit card, what to look for before you get a credit card, what your consumer credit rights are, and building your credit history.

Divorce & Your Credit

Thinking about divorce? Avoid credit problems by making intelligent financial decisions and protect yourself. Divorce & Your Credit explains what to do if you are going through a divorce, and quick facts about how divorce affects your credit. If you’ve already gone through a divorce and it has destroyed your credit, this educational pamphlet gives additional advice on how to rebuild your credit.

Happy Holidays!

No matter how much you love the holidays, studies show that holidays are some of the most stressful times for consumers. Happy Holidays! gives strategies for creating a less stressful, less expensive holiday season. This educational pamphlet encourages consumers to look at the most important part of the holiday, your loved ones.

Make the Most of Your Credit Score

Find out what a credit score is and how to make the most of your credit score. Make the Most of Your Credit Score discusses the factors that create a credit score, how to effectively manage your credit score, and the negative items that can give you a bad credit score. Lastly, this educational pamphlet discusses how a debt management program can affect your credit score.

New Families & Finances

“ First comes love, then comes marriage…” and for many couples next comes financial problems. New Families & Finances discusses how marriage consolidates debt and how to manage your finances together so the honeymoon does not end too early. This educational pamphlet gives strategies on how to communicate about financial problems and working together for financial freedom.

Rebuilding Good Credit

Most consumers that have had credit problems in the past feel like their bad credit history is never going away. Rebuilding Good Credit gives practical advice for overcoming bad credit and rebuilding your credit portfolio. Good credit is not impossible, it just takes time and a strategy to approaching your credit problems.

Shopping & Saving

The best way to save is to spend your money more wisely. Shopping & Saving gives tips on spending smarter and how to curtail bad habits that cause consumers to overspend. This educational pamphlet shows you ways to save money on transportation, insurance, investments, credit cards, major appliances and utilities.


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