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The Frugal Family: 3 Items Not to Buy Online

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Not Everything Is Better Online

Since its inception, the internet has made life more comfortable. From communicating with faraway loved ones to filing your taxes, the hassles of daily life can now be completed with a few simple clicks. One of the most popular uses of the internet is online shopping. Online retailers make any item instantly available regardless of geographical location, and most importantly, with no lines.

Not everything is suited for shopping in the digital age. Everyone has a horror story of excitedly ordering something online only to be disappointed with the item received in the mail. CreditGUARD is here to help you avoid this common pitfall with three things you should never buy online.


Grocery stores can be stressful at peak hours with crowded aisles and long lines. In turn, the rise of online grocery shopping has grown as families become busier and look to avoid this weekly burden.

Online grocery shopping is not inherently a bad idea, as dry goods and non perishables are easy to transport. The real issue lies within buying produce. The nature of online shopping prohibits you from physically testing each piece of produce chosen. This limitation often leads to fruit/vegetables being delivered either unripe or too ripe. As your own shopper, you’re aware when each ingredient is going to be used throughout the week and pick the appropriate ripeness accordingly. Online grocery shopping can’t offer the same level of specificity.  

If you want to avoid the grocery stores, try using curbside pickup as an alternative. An employee will assemble your groceries and bring them directly to your car at the scheduled time. You may still run into issues with ripeness, but correcting it is straightforward.


The internet has democratized the art world. No longer do artists have to live in certain art capitals to reach a wide audience. It’s not only the artists who benefit; consumers now have access to original and affordable art easier than ever. There is one big downfall to this new art marketplace: color.

Color is perceived differently in varying lighting and location. These variations are made even more drastic when viewing something through the blue light of a computer screen. A piece of art may be the perfect painting for your living room’s color palette on a website but utterly wrong in person. Take the risk out of online art shopping by purchasing pieces from retailers with trustworthy return policies. If possible ask the artist to photograph the art in different lighting (natural and unnatural) to see any differences. This request may seem like a hassle, but it can help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

Large Appliances

You are not alone if purchasing large appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, is a nerve-racking experience. The expensive price tags and high usage makes picking the correct make and model vital. Online retailers make comparing different features more user-friendly than ever. Unfortunately, these digital marketplaces fall short in one crucial area, shipping, and installation. Home appliances are difficult to ship due to their size. It is very common for products to come to your doorstep damaged or missing essential installation parts. In most cases, multiple shipping and returns are necessary to receive a pristine appliance. The return process in these situations is complicated due to their bulk.

Also, you must be confident in your own installation ability. If not, hiring a professional is required. Physical retailers have service professionals familiar with their range of products making installation easy. This is not the case with a third party installer. We recommend doing your research online but heading to a physical location to make your final decision.

Take the First Step in Eliminating Your Debt

Those who suffer from debt have much more to worry about when purchasing anything online. Every item added to your digital shopping cart comes with the extra weight of missed credit card payments and oppressive interest. Turn your financial situation around with CreditGUARD. Our certified credit counselors will help you navigate this tough time with financial education and a debt management plan. Your brighter financial future is only a phone call away. Call CreditGuard today at 1-800-500-6489