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Fixing Bad Credit – Don’t Fall for the Scams

There’s no substitute for hard work. A perfect example is your credit. Fixing bad credit is never easy, and any advertisement or agency that says otherwise is either inexperienced or lying.

The only tried-and-true method for boosting your credit is being on time with your bills. If your debt doesn’t allow you to do this, then you might need to ask for credit help. Remember, you don’t have to tackle your credit problems alone, but it’s also important to be sure any help you seek is legitimate.

Fixing Your Credit

Your credit report is calculated using a variety of different factors. Paying your bills on time, your debt-to-income ratio, and the number of accounts you have open all play an important part. That’s why it’s important that you practice proper credit use. Maintaining consistent monthly payments will not only help you stay on top of your debts but it is also a very important part of managing a healthy credit score.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you’re looking to boost your credit, applying for a credit card and making timely, regular payments on it can help. Of course, bad credit may in some cases limit your options here. Secured credit cards are often considered a better choice for helping to build (or rebuild) your credit. This is because secured credit cards are less risky for the lender. They require a cash deposit as collateral to ensure you as the borrower don’t charge money you don’t have.

Beware of “Credit Repair”

It’s easy to look for easy ways out when you’re in debt. Unfortunately, there’s no “get out of jail free” card for bad credit.

Many credit repair companies promise to erase your bad credit for a small fee. What they neglect to mention is that no one can legally remove or alter your credit. That’s because creditors and credit bureaus are the only ones who are able to remove incorrect items. Credit repair companies tempt consumers because they appear to be an easy, hassle-free way to get rid of your debt (derogatory, delinquencies–bad marks), but they never are. Instead of wasting your money on get-out-of-debt schemes, work to correct your bad credit at its root cause: your habits.

Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling services can be useful in helping you find ways to manage your money and build a budget, which will help manage your credit by paying your bills on time while also reducing your debt.There are several types of debt relief available for individuals with credit problems, and a certified credit counselor will examine your credit situation to determine the best solution for you.

For more information on how our nonprofit debt consolidation services may help you, contact us online by filling out the form above or by giving us a call at 1-800-500-6489.

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