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What It Means to Default on Your Student Loans

Higher education is taking its toll on students across the nation, leading many people to question whether or not a college degree is worth it. As of today, collective student debt is at an astonishing all-time high of $1.16 trillion. That’s $31 billion more than it was last year. The cost of higher education is […]

What Obama’s doing to Ease the Student Loan Burden and What It Means for You

Brace yourself: big changes are coming to your student loans. For years Congress has been working to pass legislation to help rope in swelling student loans. But much like everything else that’s government-related, it’s important that you read the fine print. That’s where we come in. Student Loans: Debunked The first major change is the […]

How 10 Year-Olds Make More Money than College Students

College students have it hard these days. Students not only have to contend with the rising cost of a college education but also with heavy interest rates on student loans. Because they’re younger they have to pay more for certain insurance premiums, and because they’re enrolled in school they have less time to work and […]

When Bad Credit Meets Good Students

Although low credit scores can happen to anyone, knowing the ins and outs of proper credit management and how credit cards and interest rates work can help people stay out of debt. Unfortunately, an abundance of credit card options coupled with an overall lack of financial literacy have been putting good students on the fast […]