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Last-Minute Saving Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacations can be costly—especially if you have children. With airfare prices, gas prices and even lodging prices rising, it seems like a family-friendly vacation is becoming more trouble than it’s worth. Though traveling can be expensive, there are ways to keep your family happy while sticking to a budget. Here’s how: Pick the Right […]

Just Turned 30? How Much Should You Have Saved?

Recently turned 30? Congratulations! You’re officially all grown up. So how much money do you have saved? According to a survey conducted by DailyFinance, the average 30-something has around $12,000 in savings. While most people would like to have a decent amount saved by the time they’re 30, many—if not most—30-year-olds are still struggling to […]

How to Turn $5 a Day into $1.5 Million

You’re probably reading this with the utmost skepticism, right? Let’s go ahead and clear the air now by getting all the suspicion and disbelief out of the way. We’re about to show you how to turn $5 a day into $1.5 million. No scams, schemes or anything else is required. In fact, all that’s required […]