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The Weekly Roundup: This Week – 5 Articles about Weddings and Debt

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, this week’s roundup includes five articles about weddings…and debt. So without further ado, here are our top five articles on ways to save for that special day. 1.Saving Up, Spending More. “In 2012, the average U.S. wedding cost approximately $27,000, and that’s not counting the honeymoon. 91 percent of […]

Everything Newlyweds Need to Know About Debt

Marriage can be a life-defining event. It’s a major undertaking, and plenty of things can get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, many newlyweds experience financial struggles which, if not addressed early on, can worsen. In fact, tension over credit card debt and other financial obligations is the single biggest cause of divorce in the U.S. […]