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Infographic: The Real Cost of Playing the Lottery

Know someone who might benefit from this graphic? Spread the word above or embed on your site! Thinking about playing the lottery? Think again. The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are one in 259 million. To break that down even further, you’re more likely to A) be attacked by a shark, B) become […]

Infographic: Single Mothers on a Budget

Spread the word – share this infographic! Single mothers are an unmovable force—they are our caretakers, our doctors, our servers, our sisters and our daughters. They take care of us when we’re sick, and they pamper us when we’re down. They are the white-collar workers, the part-time workers, and the stay-at-home supermoms. More than 80 […]

What Three Infographics Can Teach Us About Debt

1. Dig Yourself Out of Debt Looking for ways to get out of credit card debt? This infographic shows you 5 ways to help put an end to your credit woes. Start by figuring out which cards have the highest interest rates and make it a priority to pay these off first. Also look into […]