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Three Signs You’re Ruining Your Credit

Debt is like the unwelcome house guest who never wants to leave. It’s like the box of old smelly shoes in the corner of your garage that you can’t seem to give away. It’s the person at dinner who eats with their mouth full and always wants seconds. The thing about debt is that it […]

Life After Debt: First-Hand Accounts of How People Got Out of Debt

Believe it or not, getting out of debt IS possible! What does the average college student, the average homeowner and the average retiree all have in common? They’re all in heaps and heaps of debt. At a time when the national consumer debt is at an all-time high (it’s currently somewhere around $11.5 trillion), more […]

The (Real) Truth About Debt Management

We recently came across this blog post by Dave Ramsey and thought he missed a few details. In fact, we thought it was so inaccurate we couldn’t help but make a few changes. For a more detailed commentary on Dave’s article, click here. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our edits.

An Open Letter To Dave Ramsey: Why Debt Management Works

Sorry, Dave Ramsey, But You’re Wrong When It Comes to Debt Management There are a lot of misconceptions around the legitimacy of professional debt management programs these days. Take Dave Ramsey’s Truth About Debt Management article as an example. In his article, which we’ll dive into below, he talks about the risks involved in a […]

Why You Should Never Settle for Debt Settlement

Ever wondered if debt settlement may be right for you? Debt settlement is the process of lowering your debt by negotiating with your creditors to reduce your outstanding balance. It’s a risky option, and it’s one we don’t condone. Because most debt settlement companies are for-profit agencies or law firms, they rope you in with […]

Coming to Terms With Your Dead-End Debt

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? It’s an existence that can make even the softest people hard. Maybe you’re content with simply trudging by each month, but I doubt it. Over 48 percent of Americans today owe more than they earn, and with a collective consumer debt of over $11 trillion, the number […]

The Importance of Debt Relief Strategies and FTC Rules for Agencies

The debt conditions have overwhelmed many Americans who are now falling behind their weekly or monthly payments of bills and are disappearing deeper into debt. People now seek a way out of debt with the help of debt relief agencies who offer solutions for managing the finances according to the expenses and pending bill payments. […]

How Can Debt Management Plans Influence Credit Reports?

Are you facing troubles in meeting with your financial obligations and your bill payments are way past their due date? If yes, then you need to seek financial assistance, which can support you. Debt management is a strategy, which can help you get out of debt, with the payment of personal secured debts when you […]