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Posts Tagged ‘budgeting’

5 Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas That Don’t Totally Suck

Valentine’s Day and debt. Debt and Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship, then you know probably know how well these two terms go together. Last year, the average swooner spent over $130 on their beaux or beau. Maybe you spent more, maybe you spent less, but you probably spent something. According to, the […]

Spooktacular Halloween Savings Tips

(Pumpkin Bert and Ernie approve of this blog post) With Halloween just around the corner, people are predicted to spend a hair-raising $7 billion on this year’s festivities. Pumpkin carving, apple picking, and lots and lots of sweets are just the tip of the iceberg, as the average ghoul (or gal) spends well over $70 […]

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation on a Budget

Planning a vacation but worried about overspending? While having fun and saving money aren’t two terms that necessarily go hand-in-hand, enjoying a much-needed vacation with the family while sticking to a set budget isn’t all that hard if you take the right approach. 1. Things to Keep in Mind While the term ‘super cheap’ is […]

Top 5 Free Budgeting Apps for 2014 (and a Few from 2013 Too)

Looking for ways to help keep your budget in check? No problem. We scoured the Internet to help bring you our top five free budgeting apps! Take a look at our top five picks below. 1. Mint Just how fresh is this app? Mint(y) fresh! The Mint app both organizes and categorizes your spending—making it […]

The Real Cost of Going to a Sporting Event

Taking the family to the game is a great way to have fun while spending some quality time together. However, while you go for the competition, camaraderie, and to root for your favorite team, you may not realize just how expensive sporting events can actually be. So, before you plan your next big outing, take […]

Single Mothers and Budgeting Advice (Part 2)

In a two-part series devoted to single mothers, we asked various mommy bloggers and financial experts to share their unique perspective on finances and how they found ways to save. If you haven’t yet, take a look at part 1 here. Then check out part 2 below: CG: Do you use any valuable resources for […]

Single Mothers and Budgeting Advice (Part 1)

In a two-part series devoted to single mothers, we asked various mommy bloggers and financial experts to share their unique perspective on finances and how they found ways to save. Update: Check out Part 2 of this series here! Check out the interviews below: CreditGuard (CG): What is a good solution for a difficult challenge […]

5 Everyday Things You Probably Spend Too Much On

In a society where consumption is king, it’s easy to get caught up in the habit of paying a lot for a little. However, some things—which we’ll dive into below—simply aren’t worth paying extra for. In simpler terms, they’re a complete waste of money. In an effort to help you shop a little better and […]

What NASCAR Can Teach Us About Smart Budgeting

Though you may not realize it, speeding and spending are somewhat synonymous. Think about it: Some people spend recklessly, while other people drive recklessly. Both require little thought, and both can be incredibly detrimental to you and those around you. With NASCAR season gearing up, people across the country are getting pumped for some revved-up, […]

6 Signs That You’re Living Beyond Your Means

Are you having trouble keeping up with all those overdue bills? Perhaps you’re using one credit card to pay off another. Whatever the case may be, living beyond your means is not only stressful, it’s exhausting. Because you may be living a lifestyle that exceeds your budget and not even realize it, take a quick […]