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The Weekly Roundup: A Look at Everyday Vices

1. Simple Tips to Help You Save More Money “Coffee is expensive no matter whether you prepare it at home or buy it from a cafe. Although a pound of coffee can cost around $10, depending on how fancy you like your beans and where in the country you live, buying a coffee drink from […]

The Weekly Roundup: This Week – 5 Articles on How You Can Avoid Falling Victim to Credit Card Fraud

As credit card fraud is becoming more and more common, protecting your identity has never been more important. Here are five articles that give us a look at credit card fraud. More specifically, they highlight exactly how credit card fraud works and ways you can protect yourself. 1. Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft “Never give […]

The Weekly Roundup: This Week – 5 Articles about Money-Marketing Scams and How to Avoid Them

1.A Look at How Internet Marketing Scams Work “Rather than develop something useful, Internet Marketers create something out of thin air: likely a worthless e-book, or some sort of coaching session that consists of a semi-regular phone consultation.” Technology and culture blog Boing Boing provides us with a much-needed look into how Internet marketing scams […]

The Weekly Roundup: This Week – 5 Articles about Weddings and Debt

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, this week’s roundup includes five articles about weddings…and debt. So without further ado, here are our top five articles on ways to save for that special day. 1.Saving Up, Spending More. “In 2012, the average U.S. wedding cost approximately $27,000, and that’s not counting the honeymoon. 91 percent of […]

The Weekly Roundup: This Week – 5 Articles to Help You Break Free from Credit Card Debt

It can take a lifetime to save, but it only takes a few a few seconds for someone to fall into debt. Are you in need of finding new ways to help take charge of your finances and put an end to high interest rates and annoying creditor calls? Here are a few really great […]