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Combining Finances After Marriage

If you’re newly married or engaged to be married, few things are more important than discussing your finances with your partner. Regardless of how you structure your accounts, communication is essential! Goals Setting goals is one of the most important things that many couples fail to accomplish. Whether you’re growing financially or struggling to get […]

3 Tips to Help Prevent Debt from Affecting Your Marriage

Money may not buy happiness, but it can ruin a marriage since couples who argue over finances are found to be at a higher risk of divorce. In fact, studies show that couples who argue over debt at least once a month may increase their risk of divorce by up to 40 percent Your time […]

Divorce and Debt: 4 Things You Need to Know

Going through a divorce is never easy. On top of the dissolution of a partnership you thought would last forever, there’s the taxing task of dividing your assets and choosing who gets what. And when it comes to the division of debt, things get even harder. If you and your partner are considering divorce, here […]

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

As a newly married couple, the last thing you need is to begin your marriage with a honeymoon you can’t afford or new debt you don’t need. The good news is that there are plenty of attractive and fun-filled destinations that will give you the honeymoon of your dreams, without it turning into a financial […]

Managing Your Money after Marriage: How to Handle Your Finances, Credit, and New Life Together

So you finally found the love of your life and tied the knot. Chances are that finances are the last thing you want to think about right now, but setting clear financial goals for the future is more important than ever as you and your spouse start your new life together. Making the right decisions […]

Should Spouses Merge Their Credit? What You Need to Know about Marriage and Credit

Once the honeymoon and celebrations are over, being married requires figuring out how to combine your finances with your spouse’s. While the effects of marriage on your credit are pretty straightforward, they may not entirely be what you expected. Credit Reports Never Merge, Even When Married The most important thing to understand is that there’s […]

5 Wedding Tips to Save Money Without Cutting Corners

Weddings can cost upwards of $30,000, an expense many newlyweds finance with credit cards and other loans. While no one wants to cut corners on their wedding day, including “‘til debts do us part” in your vows probably isn’t part of the plan either. However, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams […]