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Renting vs. Owning a Home: What to Consider

Whether it’s your first time on your own or you want to make the switch from renting an apartment to owning your own home, housing decisions can seem both exciting and intimidating. The best way to make your dreams come true is through research of your needs and understanding of where you stand with your […]

Best Affordable Fun Spring Activities

With the arrival of March comes springtime, bringing with it warmer temperatures, greener lawns and lots of color to the outdoors. At this time of year, nature beckons to families who have been cooped up in the cold to reconnect with one another in the sunshine. Lots of springtime traditions provide you with fun family […]

Save Money in the Kitchen with These Easy Tips

Lower You Weekly Grocery Bill and Save Money in the Kitchen with These Easy Tips Your weekly trip to the grocery store is made challenging by crowded aisles, familial needs, and long lines. This necessary task is made even more stressful when the shockingly high final price appears on your receipt. After living expenses, food […]

Used vs. New: Buying the Right Car for Your Finances

When you’re in the market for your next car or truck, the salesmen and the showrooms can seem like pretty intimidating places. Whether you’re better off with a new car or selecting a used or “pre-owned” vehicle depends upon a number of factors, and there isn’t one right answer for everyone. While a friend of […]

3 Strategies for Dealing with Holiday Debt

  The holiday season is a festive time of year filled with valuable family time and an endless supply of unforgettable memories. For many, these feelings of seasonal happiness may have caused you to lose control of your holiday spending. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; you’re not the only one. Many Americans struggle […]

Cryptocurrency: The Danger of Unsecured Currencies

  Note: CreditGUARD doesn’t support the use of cryptocurrency. To that end, we believe our readers and clients should be educated about all manner of financial issues including the current trends in digital forms of currency. CreditGUARD only recommends the use of FDIC-secured U.S. legal tender. Over the past ten years, the rise of cryptocurrency […]

Financial Reboot: New Year’s Financial Planning

At the start of every new year, many make resolutions to better themselves in the upcoming twelve months. A favorite new year’s goal for those living with debt is to transform their financial situation for the better. The goal is admirable in theory but difficult in practice. One of the hardest parts is understanding where […]

The Importance of a Home Bill Organizer

The Importance of Keeping a Home Bill Organizer Keeping track of your bills is important for many reasons. Organizing your bills can help you avoid late fees and make sure you don’t unintentionally damage your credit score. One of the best ways to track your monthly bills is to make a home bill organizer which […]

Managing Credit Card Debt in Retirement

It is increasingly likely that many Americans will enter retirement with some form of credit card debt. The average credit card debt among U.S. households in 2017 was $6,375, with the average credit card debt of those just entering retirement age at $7,550, according to Experian’s annual study on the state of credit and debt […]

Using Retirement to Pay off Debt

Using retirement funds to pay off your debt can sometimes be the most financially sound course of action, and sometimes it can lead to more problems down the road. When using money that you withdraw early from a 410(k), IRA or other retirement assets to pay down any debt you may have incurred, you need […]