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Home Buying: Turnkey vs. Fixer Upper Homes

Move-in Ready Homes There are two main reasons you’d need to buy a place that is ready for you to move in. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan restrictions Basically, you can’t buy a true fixer-upper with an FHA loan. There are provisions that exist to protect buyers — this means under an FHA loan, you […]

Understanding Home Equity

What is Home Equity? Home equity is the amount that your home is worth minus any outstanding mortgage loan balances. For example, if you purchase a home valued at $200,000 with a $150,000 mortgage, you have $50,000 equity in your home. Your home equity will most likely grow over time as the value of your […]

The Dangers of Only Paying the Minimum Payment

Why Is It Dangerous to Only Pay the Minimum Payment? Most credit cards make you pay a minimum payment every month to keep your payment schedule current. This minimum is typically an amount based on a percentage of your balance but can be a fixed amount. If your wallet is tight, it can be tempting […]

Renting vs. Owning: 3 Key Considerations

Whether it’s your first time on your own or you want to make the switch from renting an apartment to owning your own home, housing decisions can seem both exciting and intimidating. The best way to make your dreams come true is through research of your needs and understanding of where you stand with your […]

Best Affordable Fun Spring Activities

With the arrival of March comes springtime, bringing with it warmer temperatures, greener lawns and lots of color to the outdoors. At this time of year, nature beckons to families who have been cooped up in the cold to reconnect with one another in the sunshine. Lots of springtime traditions provide you with fun family […]

Spring Cleaning | 3 Household Items to Sell for Cash

Easy ways to turn your unwanted household items into extra funds The spring season brings a much-needed feeling of revitalization after winter’s long snowy months. One way to bring that sensation into your home is with a spring cleaning. This doesn’t just mean cleaning windows or emptying your fridge; it is an opportunity to completely […]

3 Strategies for Dealing with Holiday Debt

  The holiday season is a festive time of year filled with valuable family time and an endless supply of unforgettable memories. For many, these feelings of seasonal happiness may have caused you to lose control of your holiday spending. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; you’re not the only one. Many Americans struggle […]

How to Know When It’s Time For Debt Consolidation

  Living with debt is a juggling act. You are asked to make large debt payments every month on top of your regular living expenses— like food, child care, gas, and utilities. This is a disastrous recipe for missed payments. As months go by without decisive action, an adverse effect on your credit score can […]

How to Get Collections Agents to Stop Calling!

Living with extreme debt is an all-encompassing experience. It can feel like there is never rest from your ballooning financial obligation. Every hour is filled with dread as your owed accumulated amount grows. It’s not uncommon to have difficult feelings during this time. Things are not made more comfortable with the introduction of collection agency […]

Financial Reboot: New Year’s Financial Planning

At the start of every new year, many make resolutions to better themselves in the upcoming twelve months. A favorite new year’s goal for those living with debt is to transform their financial situation for the better. The goal is admirable in theory but difficult in practice. One of the hardest parts is understanding where […]