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5 Ways To Plan For Holiday Expenses Early

Holiday gift shopping can be a full contact sport. In 2016, American consumers spent $655.8 billion. This year, get a head start on your holiday shopping by putting together a strategy that’ll help you not only survive the holidays but also save money in the process. Determine your budget. Sure, there’s nothing sexy than talking […]

6 Tips To Build Your Emergency Fund Faster

If you’re on a path that leads to getting out of debt, you know the value of an emergency fund. Chances are, you’ve been in a situation before where you had a credit card for emergencies. The only problem with a credit card for emergencies is that your emergencies can often become less and less […]

Traveling On A Budget

The key to budget travel is in the planning, and the first item on the agenda is creating a budget. We know that budgeting itself doesn’t sound so sexy, but that trip to the beach will feel a lot more relaxing when you cut your cost down and get to keep your toes in the […]

How To Create Your 2017 Budget

The new year has come. Celebrations are behind us and it’s time to look toward the rest of the year. If you are planning to budget this year, you’re in luck. We have all of the information you’ll need to plan your 2017 budget. Check it out. Look into Your Past Spending One of the […]

Cheap Ways To Relieve Stress In Your Life

Unfortunately, stress is a frequent part of most people’s lives. Whether it is over our jobs, money, health or family, stress can occur and wreak havoc on our bodies. While massages are great for relieving stress, not everyone can afford that luxury. Here are a few cheap ways to shake that stress from your day. […]

Date Night Ideas On A Budget

Date nights are essential to any healthy relationship, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy for your bank account. Here are a few great ideas for spending quality time with your partner and sparing your bank account in the process. Star Gazing Grab a blanket and head outside. On a clear night, you and your […]

Expenses to Eliminate in Order to Pay off Your Debt

Currently, more than 43 percent of Americans owe more in debt than they earn. For those families, budgeting has become a huge part of daily life. That’s easier said than done. We have become so accustomed to the luxuries of life that we have started to view them as necessities. So, where exactly can you […]

The $50 a Week Grocery Challenge

Groceries are expensive, especially for families. You can go into a store at the beginning of the week, spend $200 and only have enough food until Wednesday. It’s challenging to feed your entire family on a budget, but for most Americans, that’s exactly what’s necessary. With more than 43 percent of Americans currently owing more […]

Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing

While your love might not cost a thing, Valentine’s Day presents sure do. After all, more people get engaged on February 14 than any other. Whether you are buying a special something for a special someone or you are giving the gift of love to your favorite people, the presents on your Valentine’s Day list […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

The holidays have come to an end, and with the excess of food and spending, most people’s credit card statements aren’t looking very pretty. In true traditional form, the beginning of the year is the time for setting goals we’d like to achieve. While losing weight is the reigning king of New Year’s resolutions, getting […]