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Archive for the ‘Bankruptcy and Student Loans’ Category

Reverse Mortgage Bankruptcy

Reverse Mortgages and Bankruptcy When you apply for bankruptcy, the widespread effects on your life can be greater than you imagine. You may be aware of the negative impact on your credit score and credit report, but bankruptcy can also halt any loans payments received through a reverse mortgage. For many older homeowners, a reverse […]

America’s Debt Crisis

As of March 2018, the U.S. national debt topped $21 trillion. Let that sink in for a minute. Comparably, the total household consumer debt in the U.S.A. was $13.5 trillion at the same time. The biggest ticket item comprising consumer debt in America? Mortgages. Next in line are credit cards. U.S. consumers have racked up […]

Bankruptcy Quiz: Fact or Fiction?

From the different chapters to your credit report, how much do you actually know about bankruptcy? Take this fact or fiction quiz to test your skills.

5 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy

For diverse reasons that span from medical bills to irresponsible credit use, tens of thousands of US citizens struggle each year to avoid bankruptcy. Whatever your reasons for financial insecurity, dealing with the problem can help you retain a decent credit rating, and enhance your ability to make ends meet on a monthly basis. Here […]

Is Student Loan Consolidation Worth It?

As tuition costs have risen astronomically, the burden of student loans has also increased considerably. It’s not uncommon to have five or six different lenders and over $30,000 in debt by the time you graduate. If you’re struggling to keep up with your student loans, you might be thinking about loan consolidation or loan forgiveness […]

FAFSA Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Applying for financial aid can seem like a never-ending series of forms to fill out and hurdles to clear. It all begins with the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This one application sets the stage for your entire loan processes. The more you know ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be, […]

What the Federal Government is Doing About the Student Loan Situation

With the average college graduate hauling upwards of $30,000 worth of student loan debt into the workforce, it’s not surprising that many aren’t exactly getting a big jump out of the starting gate. In an already tight job market, starting off in debt makes finding a job that can support you that much more of […]

What It Means to Default on Your Student Loans

Higher education is taking its toll on students across the nation, leading many people to question whether or not a college degree is worth it. As of today, collective student debt is at an astonishing all-time high of $1.16 trillion. That’s $31 billion more than it was last year. The cost of higher education is […]

What Obama’s doing to Ease the Student Loan Burden and What It Means for You

Brace yourself: big changes are coming to your student loans. For years Congress has been working to pass legislation to help rope in swelling student loans. But much like everything else that’s government-related, it’s important that you read the fine print. That’s where we come in. Student Loans: Debunked The first major change is the […]

10 (Once) Prominent Businesses That Went Bankrupt

Did you know an estimated 500,000 businesses open and close each year? A variety of factors can contribute to a businesses’ bankruptcy, yet whether it’s due to an ever-changing market, declining sales, or some kind of internal cover-up, the results are always the same. But even while some business are often (wrongfully) deemed “too big […]